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The Glider Initiative

Give.   Outreach.    Educate.

Sponsor Us

By giving a donation to The Glider Initiative (TGI), you make achieving our education mission possible! Pet sugar gliders deserve the best quality of life. TGI is engaging people in learning about proper ways to care for these exceptional pets. By doing this, we are ensuring a better quality of life for us all.

Education Program Gift

Your generous gift will help The Glider Initiative in continuing our education program, thereby improving the daily lives of pet sugar gliders throughout the world.

Become a TGI Advocate!

One of the most common questions we get from our members is "What more can I do to help?" Our answer - become a TGI Advocate! By choosing to make a monthly gift you become part of a special program that provides the reliable funding that is so vital to continuing our educational efforts. Consistent and predictable funding is the best way to successfully accomplish TGI's goals.

Please ACT NOW and become a TGI Advocate today!

Monthly Gift Amount